The short documentary made its North American film festival debut at the 2018 Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards in Los Angeles, California. It made its Canadian debut at the 2018 Inside Out Film Festival in Toronto, Ontario.

The film was pitched by its producers in the fall of 2017 and was greenlit for production in October of that year. The film has since received a total of 11 official selections, 5 nominations and 4 awards throughout its international film festival run.


  • The film's original title was "My Life, Your Entertainment". It later became the official tagline of the film with "Stripped" eventually being coined as the final title.

  • Earlier cuts of the film suggested that it may be too graphic for a mainstream audience. The film was later recut to be more viewer-friendly.

  • Mz Lady Ice is currently the only female headliner on America's Most Wanted (AMW), the all-male revue show featured in the film. This is a first for the show in its 20 years of running.

  • Many of the dancers featured in the film have starred in various TV shows, including AMW's Heat who was on Vivica Fox's stripper show, "Black Magic", and AMW's Adonis who was on season 5 of MTV's "Are You The One".

  • Director Jevon Boreland started shooting the documentary in April of 2017, before the film was greenlit and any crew was officially signed on.

  • Mz Lady Ice's full interview ran for a total of 4 and half hours.

  • All of the songs on the film's soundtrack are by local independent artists. The film's official theme song is titled"The Right Way" by Toronto artist Cali Snipes.

  • Prior to filming, the majority of the crew members had not been to a strip club!